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  1. 恐怖的小说呢,修仙的呢,古代爱情的呢,武侠爱情的呢,如果基础不好的话,还是要系统的先打好基础才行,但如果看小说就无所谓了,只要看的懂就行
  2. 好的,我去看看,谢谢啦,我最近偷懒了,都没有在学习
  3. As a fan girl . I am completely obsessed with Li Xian for his facial attractiveness . He is a charming man and has a good body . I could not concentrate on learning English because i adored him recently . It was a fact that a handsome man delayed my study . But it doesn’t matter . It is bravo of the feeling of obsessing with a star .Li Xian is my favorite man in current . Nothing can see in my eyes only him . wow . It sounds like a love story’s premise . But in fact it is just a short crazy time .It will be decrease as time goes by . I never have adored a star for a long time . Never love one as i am a amorous girl . Go down to business , the study is the important thing . Therefore i must pay my attention to learn . I indeed can’t persist in doing something consistently . It is my top defect .I will be different if i can conquer the defect . I know the defect is a main factor of success .I know but i didn’t do it . I really dislike myself .I am my worst enemy . I have must overcome myself . In a word : Easier said than done . Waiting ...
  4. the weather was raining all the time untill out of ny duty,it was in plum rains season,so it was often raining at june ,i am ready for tring to learn english again,i just cant let me go on without plans,i am speechless,but i still want to say that i cant accept this result of not study ,i desire to change myself which sentence was said many times,but i never say die,cheer up,never bow,no pain no gain
  5. 感觉日语要难点,因为没有基础
  6. 感觉日语要难点,因为没有基础
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